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On the Path to Victory Team Site!

Creating an Ambassador Team for L.I.F.E. and for RRI.

Reproductive Residual Income (RRI) is explained on page 2.


·       LEARN … to be informed and to lead.

§  Be Responsible for the LIFE of your network.

§   Definition of Responsible:  Involving obligation or duties.

·       Do you feel obligated for the LIFE of your network?


§  VNI Conference Call: 8 pm EST         

§  701-801-2008 (no access code required)

·       1st Monday Evening…Product Call

·       3rd Monday Evening…Business Call


§  Gina Bender’s Training Call: 7 pm EST

            712-770-4160 (code: 152294)                        

·       1st and 3rd Monday  Evening


·       INVITE your prospects.

§  Dave Stoltzfus Recruiting for LIFE Call: 8 pm EST     

§  712-770-4160 (code: 152294)

·       2nd and 4th Monday Evening


§  Tell your personal VNI Story… not as a doctor or scientist!  We all have a story!

§  Do 3-ways with your Upline.  They know what to say!  They want to help!

§  Schedule and/or support Regional Events.  The “skin” that holds your networks together.


·       FELLOWSHIP with your Representatives.

§  Social Activities

§  Regional Events

§  National VNI Conference: May 17-19, 2018


·       EMPOWER your Ambassador Team.

§  Be full of LIFE.  Speak of your VNI goals!

§  Be responsible: You – Gina – Customer Care (in that order)

§  Invite a few Reps to your Ambassador Team – 6-10 in the next 3 years!

§  Make them feel special by selecting and separating them out!

§  Weekly Email Communication from you!

§  Move your Ambassador team from rank to rank

§  Schedule and/or support regional events quarterly

§  Schedule your Ambassador Team Get-Together around VNI’s National Conference …May 17-19, 2018.

§  Who are your “Ambassadors”?  Ans. The Reps who have L.I.F.E. (About 1 out of 20)

Question: How much LIFE do you want your team to have?  If your network isn’t full of LIFE and growing consider these two things

1.     You aren’t breathing LIFE into it.

2.     You are making it too hard which suffocates the LIFE out of your network!

a.     VNI is the easiest company to work within the network marketing industry!


What is Reproductive Residual Income?  The best kept financial secret in the world!

I.  Income: A Monthly Dividend on the ASSESSED MAKET VALUE of a seed sowed into the life of someone who has a need!

R.  Residual: Something remaining and producing after seeds are sown.

R.  Reproductive: After a seed is sown, it reproduces by itself, organically.

How is it created?

RRI is created when we use something of VALUE like the VNI Products and then we share that same VALUE with someone else and they do the same…on and on it grows.  It produces organically in Reproductive Depth creating RRI Income!  The deeper it grows, the more financial valued roots it has!  What you don’t see is valued more than what you do see -- 36 x more value

How does VNI compare with the typical Network Marketing game?  Unfortunately for the average distributor, RRI is often hijacked by the greed of the promoters and the VALUE of RRI is misplaced.  It becomes about ME  my “toys”,  my check,  my house,  my income, my lifestyle.  The focus of VNI must always be about others!

The focus of your Ambassador Team must be on your FEW Global Ambassadors full of L.I.F.E.; and you also must be full of LIKE as the team leader… Learning about VNI – Inviting Prospects to the VNI experience – Fellowshipping with hundreds of Reps – Empowering a few on a Team.  LIFE creates LIFE!  Think People Hurting, Think Product, Think Reps, Think L.I.F.E., Think T.E.A.M., Think Globally, Think Crown Ambassador.  Think Crown Ambassador and then think backwards, and you will realize it all starts with hurting people…but it can’t stop there if we want to reach the world.