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The Absorption Myth


The most expensive nutrient is the one that doesn’t work.


Absorption isn’t the all important factor when considering a supplement. What is being absorbed is also extremely important! Quality ingredients must be used to deliver the best benefits.

No matter how little you pay for the supplement, if it doesn’t work, the price is way too high!

The major benefits attributed to liquid supplements are ease of consumption and the perception of improved absorption. Capsules are also perceived to have time-release advantages. Taking liquids and capsules to overcome the inability to break down tablets does not guarantee improved absorption.

If you can’t disintegrate and dissolve a tablet, chances are you won’t be able to absorb and utilize a lot of the nutrients in a liquid or a capsule either. Even the best quality foods and supplements provide minimal benefits if their nutritional bounty can’t get into the body.

According to the Center for Disease Control, digestive problems are the number 1 cause of emergency room visits. There is a huge segment of the population that has digestive problems. The epidemic level of digestive problems demonstrates why so many people are nutrient deficient, even though we take supplements...and why we need an urgent solution. We've developed a superior delivery system and it’s called [Intellisome Technology]!