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Terry Beatley has been taking Prodovite and NSorb for one year. She shares her path to healing after living in a home with mold for several years and dealing with rheumatoid arthritis!


Developed severe Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms after 9 months of living in a house contaminated with mold. (unknown to me at that time)

I lived in mold for four years.

In the spring of 2017, I had my blood looked at under live blood analysis. 

Unfortunately, my red blood cells were stuck together in a condition called Rouleau.

I started taking 2 oz of Prodovite March 2018.

January 2019, I had my blood checked again.




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No Rouleau upon arrival!!

But the cells looked like Cheerios.


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I took 2 oz of Prodovite.

After waiting about 5 minutes, we looked again at my blood and the cells plumped up (negative charge was restored) so now my cells could work properly.


I’m still moving toxins out, but I have not had a shot of Enbrel or a dose of Methotrexate in over a year.


Terry Beatley

President, Hosea Initiative




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