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Victory Nutrition Testimonials!

 StaStacy and Vicky Weisenburger
Owner/Operators of Strathmore RV Sales & Service

Prior to taking Prodovite my diabetes was controlling my life. Father's day 2010 I was taken to emergency and hospitalized for 5 days. I left on the fifth day an insulin dependent diabetic. I found by the time my work day was done so was I. I would go home and instead of playing with my 2 boys and enjoying spending time with my wife, I had to lay down. I was exhausted. I spent day after day feeling physically and mentally drained. I had no energy. I was always tired. Diabetes was winning. Spring and summer brought on my seasonal allergies and added to my misery. I felt like a burden to my wife and I was deeply disappointed that I couldn't do things with my young boys.

My life changed when Prodovite came. The first thing I noticed after taking Prodovite was that I had more energy, it was like I could feel it in my veins. Now when I come home I spend time with my family and instead of feeling exhausted I feel alive. I have been able to decrease both of my diabetes medications and I am no longer plagued with extreme seasonal allergies. My marriage is renewed because I am better, I no longer feel like a burden to my wife. I feel like I'm the dad I so badly wanted to be. I thank God for restoring me and for leading my wife to Bill & Kim Downs.

Stacy Weisenburger
Strathmore, Alberta, Canada