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On the Path to Victory Team Site!

Building your Victory business starts with your warm market. These are people you KNOW such as family, friends, business associates, etc. Learn to use these emails to contact your prospects. Remember to call them FIRST. Then ask them for a time to follow-up with them, either by phone or in person. Have your sponsor or qualified upline to do the 3 way call with you during the follow-up.



These are breakthrough products and technology, backed by science. We are grateful to Bill Downs of 37 years, Nutritional Biochemist, for his vision, and creating products that really do make a difference.

Look at this live blood cell videoNutrition that can be validated in 5 minutes.

Ted Aloisio - after 40,000 sessions in 14 years, is blown away with results, and why he is excited about Prodovite: 712-432-8774, access code 82457#, then add 11437#.

Ted is the Microscopist that did the live blood cell analysis, for Victory Nutrition, and is the voice on the video. Ted Aloisio is a Certified Nutritional Microscopist and author of Blood Never Lies.

We have a scientific Prodovite and Live Blood Cell Study Click Here

Click on this link for Product ReviewsPrint and listen by phone.

Why Prodovite and Brain Reward are different from other products - Bill Downs:
712-432-8774, access code 82457#, then add 11349#.

We simply must share and help others achieve their personal best.

Please take a few minutes to review the information about the Victory Nutrition products. As I mentioned we have a team resource site
Look at the BLOOD VIDEO tab on the site
You will be AMAZED at what Prodovite does in just 5 minutes to the cells!
We have some pretty amazing testimonials too under the PRODUCT REVIEWS LINK tab
Here are a couple of links to some pretty amazing testinonials. These links have visual images of what Prodovite can do when used both orally and topically.
There is a lot of info on the site.


These are products and technology, backed by science. We are grateful to Bill Downs, Nutritional Biochemist of 37 years, for his vision, and creating products that really do make a difference.

Look at the live blood cell video, Nutrition that can be validated in 5 minutes.

Victory is proud of the approval from W.A.D.A. (World Anti-Doping Agency). Prodovite is safe for all athletes!

Jason Hubler is a weight lifter and power lifter. At age 37, he was able to achieve his personal best, and increased it by 30% in just a few short weeks. Listen to Jason’s story: 712-432-8774, access code 82457#, then add 11427#.

Hear about some of our product reviews on Extreme Athletes. You will be amazed!

Alicia (Norma) Glaser, ER Nurse, and Triathlete, is achieving higher performance in her workouts, and even better than 30 years ago! Hear what Norma says: 712-432-8774, access code 82457#, then add 11365#.

Click on this link for more Product Reviews. Print and listen by phone.

We must help everyone achieve their personal best!




What do I say to capture a professional’s attention?

A special thank you to Michael Ciletti and Glenn Parnham for sharing these awesome tidbits with us from our Victory Mentoring Call on April 28, 2016.


Michael: (What to say to your prospect)

I know you come across a lot of stuff and get pitched on a lot of things, It is not very often you come across a product that has the clinical proof that is getting absorbed into the cells within 5 minutes of taking it. How many products do you know that can make that claim? I am working with a research scientist who co-developed the technology that has been clinically shown to get nutrients into the cells within 5 minutes of taking it. I would be happy to send you over a couple links so you can see this research for yourself.

Send them the Prodovite study, the live blood cell video and a bio about Bill.


If you initially get no from your sponsor, please do not give up! This is a gift from God! Prodovite, Brain Reward and Victory Nutrition are going to change the industry! We can finally lead with the product instead of talking to people; do you want a home-based business with tax advantages?

What to say to your prospect:

Do you know anybody in who would like better health? We have a product with irrefutable scientific evidence that proves it is the very best and only product of its kind in human history as far as the human nutritional industry.

6 billion dollars is spent on multi-vitamins and the vitamin industry in the last 10 years has been bought out 99% by the pharmaceutical cartel and it is synthetic crap.

If any body is taking a pill or capsule, say do you have any proof it gets in to the only place it matters and it is called the bloodstream?  NO you don’t have it because it doesn’t happen. Now we have a product with irrefutable evidence.

Victory is Product driven with Irrefutable evidence and the people who run the company are just incredible people!

If someone says no right now, just tell him or her you will keep him or her posted. If you don’t get them on the first go around, you will get them on the second go round.

If someone says their product is just as good, say excuse me…. prove it If you cant prove it shut up about how good your product is and I am going to take all your customers.

Do you know anyone who would like better health?

We are with a winner and we haven’t even gotten started yet!