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Victory Nutrition International Product Line


"...developing and producing the very best nutraceutical products and information that enable individuals to achieve optimal health, wellness, and happiness" Bill Downs



Supports optimal health, energy and vitality by delivering quality bioavailable and bioactive ingredients into the body quickly and effectively.†* It’s nutrition you can feel.

Intellisome Encapsulation ensures maximum bio-availability because:

  • Made with premium quality nutritional ingredients
  • The Low-Shear TBJet Compression and Intellisome Encapsulation promote rapid and sustainable absorption and benefits†*
  • Provides sustained blood levels of valuable health promoting ingredients†*
  • Prodovite is unlike anything on the market:
  • Produced utilizing a novel Low Shear TBJet Compression Process
  • Manufactured with the Intellisome encapsulation delivery technology
  • Supplies complementary nutrients for maximum synergistic benefits
  • Achieves both rapid and prolonged absorption*
  • Absorption begins even before you swallow*
  • Enables nutrient clusters to be absorbed at the same time*
  • Phytosil is a potent herbal complex of ‘one part herb to one part water’ extraction ratio
  • Breakthrough formulation backed by clinical research (In Process)
  • Nutritional Support for Overall Health*
  • Promotes Antioxidant Benefits
  • Promotes Energy and Immune Function*

Brain Reward A Course Correction for Your Mind

Brain Reward™ nutritionally supports the ability to experience reward benefits from normal activities, especially in people with reward deficiencies who have greater difficulty achieving satisfaction from normally rewarding thoughts, experiences, and ingested foods and beverages.*

Among its other benefits, the patented nutritional formula in Brain Reward™ has been shown to:

  • Support dopamine sensitivity and function*
  • Help regulate cravings*
  • Improve energy*
  • Relieve stress*
  • Support focus, concentration, and cognition*
  • Support optimal brain health, elevated mood, overall wellness & vitality*