On the Path to Victory

Prodosome™ Encapsulation

Prodosomes™ are unique phospholipid transport molecules that form 'carrier spheres' around multiple nutrients, then effectively shuttle them across digestive system membranes. By continually shuttling many nutrients into circulation at the same time, these nutrient clusters improve the body's ability to re-create, rebuild, and sustain optimal health at an unparalleled frequency.

This encapsulation process is used multiple times in the manufacturing of Prodovite, allowing for a range of both fat and water soluble compounds to be held collectively at different levels within the spherical layers. Due to these many layers, specific nutrients are instantly released and others are released later in the digestive process to ensure a longer, sustainable, and more beneficial blood serum level. It is precisely this unique attribute that creates maximum nutrient synergy and benefits.

The size of nutrient particle is also reduced, often by a factor of 3-4 times; for many particles, down into the nanometer realm. This process is called Low-Shear TBJet Compression, which is a type of advanced wet milling that mechanically predigests the ingredients resulting in a product having the same size as that in a healthy digestive system. Encapsulating a particle with a reduced size means absorption can begin in the mouth via a rich supply of blood vessels under the tongue. This initial absorption is felt almost instantly. By-passing the need for disintegration and dissolution allows a large amount of nutrients to be absorbed, even in a digestive system that's weak or compromised.

Furthermore, while the stomach is designed to dissolve material into a form suitable for absorption, it can also damage those same particles. The Prodosome™ capsules are formulated in a way that protects the payload from the stomach's acid and physical churning, while still being able to be broken down further in the digestive system. Due to the Low-Shear TBJet Compression reducing the particle size, once the protective layer is dissolved, the nutrient dense payload has a greater surface area than would otherwise be present, allowing for greater absorption rate.

Even the Prodosome's™ phospholipid layers offer nutritional benefits and perform a wide range of other vitally important cellular functions, including:

  • Building blocks of the biological cell membranes
  • Transmitter of biological signals across cell membranes
  • Efficient storage of energy
  • Transporter of fat between the gut and liver in digestion
  • Acetylcholine source; the most common neurotransmitter substance

Prodosome™ Technology allows for a more efficient absorption ratio; a claim that cannot be made by manufactures of pills, capsules, and other liquid supplements.* Prodovite™ utilizes the Prodosome™ Technology for all active ingredients. No other product on the market can make that claim. This ensures the highest level of nutrient bio-availability while also ensuring that Prodovite™ i a one-of-a-kind supplement.