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New research demonstrates a major breakthrough in
dietary supplement absorption capabilities

Published in Nutraceutical Business Review Oct 9, 2015

The most prevalent health malady in North American culture is digestive problems. Digestive problems are responsible for the most popular over-the-counter' product purchases, the most prescribed medications for a health problem and the number one reason for emergency room visits after accidents.

The epidemic of nutritional deficits caused by digestive problems and malabsorption is an exacerbating factor underlying every major chronic degenerative disease. This enormous problem ensures that the greatest beneficiary of nutritional supplementation is urine.

New research found that Prodovite, a proprietary VMP35 liquid multi-nutrient complex (MNC), achieved absorption into the blood within 5 minutes from oral intake. Utilising a patent-pending SK713 SLP 'Prodosome' nutrient delivery technology, Prodovite achieved significant improvements in the structure, form, functions and flowability properties of red blood samples of 38 subjects within minutes from oral intake.

This research, published in the Journal of Functional Foods in Health and Disease, represents a breakthrough in dietary supplementation as evidenced by significantly positive changes in blood samples of all 38 test subjects.

The patent-pending Prodosome technology enabled Prodovite to achieve the rapid absorption and effective results that were sustained for at least 30 minutes after intake.

Improvements in red blood cells (RBCs) after 5 minutes included a breakup of RBC aggregation and splaying out of RBCs on the slide; improved RBC structure; and a progressive reduction of the appearance of RBC 'hollowness' (aka hypochromicity), indicating a replenishing of electrolytes and haemoglobin, important alkaline buffers maintaining RBCs ability to use oxygen and water.

Thirty minutes after intake showed improved haemoglobin concentration and a reduction in plasma debris. Overall, plasma looked cleaner with a greater number of larger neutrophils and improvements in the size, form, density and splayed distribution of RBCs.

This research heralds a new paradigm in dietary supplementation.


B. Downs, et al., 'The Effect of VMP35 Supplement Ingredients Encapsulated in a Novel Phospholipid Prodosome SK713 SLP Nutrient Delivery Technology Observed as a Result of Changes in Properties of Live Human Blood,' Functional Foods in Health and Disease 5(9) (2015).