On the Path to Victory

Mark Ellins shares the amazing benefits he and his wife Donna have seen prior to taking Prodovite and after taking Prodovite. Check out the live still shots below and listen in as Mark gives his account of what he sees happening with this amazing product!

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 We are Mark and Donna Ellins and live in Saint Augustine, Florida.  We have been health enthusiasts for twenty years after a bad accident that crushed both of Donna's legs.  She had no bone regeneration for 3 months and after researching ionic minerals, she got on them and strong bone regeneration began within 10 days and ultimately she learned to walk again.  Although all the doctors told us vitamins and minerals were a waste of money, we learned otherwise, you just need to find the right ones.


Fast forward to 2013 and Mark had a double stroke due to a blood clot that formed in his heart due to atrial fibrillation from heavy metal poisoning.  Mark recovered 99% and learned to use the right side of his body and got his turn at learning to walk again.


 All this stress took a big toll on Donna and a year later she was diagnosed with advanced Stage-4 cancer (breast cancer metastasized to: lymph, lung, bones & brain).  All our knowledge of nutrition and health was being tested and after 15 brain radiation treatments we traveled to a top alternative cancer clinic in Mexico that administered 9 treatment protocols in addition to extreme diet and detox and saved her life.  We returned home to continue a 2 year course of anti-cancer protocols and diet and lifestyle changes.


While speaking with one of our anti-cancer product suppliers we explained our present protocol and asked if he knew of anything additional that would be helpful, since he travels worldwide and knows all the treatments.


We knew that proper nutrition is vital but it is useless if your body can't absorb and use the nutrients. Bio-availability and blood condition (mobility and health of red and white blood cells) is paramount and typically ignored by all doctors and health professionals.


 He recommended we learn about Prodovite from Victory Nutrition Inc. (VNI) which is a unique and balanced preparation of vitamins and ionic minerals that are encapsulated with liposomes at the molecular level and deliver unparalleled bio-availability and absorbability as is shown in their live blood analysis video.  We viewed the video and were convinced the video was a lie, so we tested the Prodovite ourselves with live blood cell analysis and were amazed to see the video was validated with our results.


We have been using the Prodovite ever since, including using it topically on muscle aches, and we are completely amazed at how effective it is and the positive effects on both our blood.


 It is vital that your blood can transport the oxygen and cell nutrients efficiently so your body can utilize them.  The Prodovite caused our red blood cells to unclump and destack (rouleaux) and the white blood cells became much healthier and larger and moved faster.  This is important for everybody, especially for very sick people and can be a game changer for persons with typically fatal diseases like Stage 4 cancer with 2% 5-year survival rates.


Donna is doing excellent with much of the cancer "resolved".  Prodovite and now Brain Reward are two VNI products that we both use daily and both see and feel the positive health effects.


We are introducing these health boons to our many friends, both well and sick.  In addition, the results being seen by athletes and thousands of other people are absolutely amazing and shows these health supplements are super effective for everybody, including children and pets.  We believe in VNI and their products, they are wonderful!