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Victory Nutrition Testimonials!

 I started using Prodovite November 7, 2013.  I wasn't sure what to expect - as a Health Coach, I choose to eat very healthy food every day, but I'm still a huge believer in supplementation due to our modern deficient, artificial and processed food supply, which can make healthy eating a big challenge!   I'm also very particular as to what I take, and do my best to search out and select only top quality products, because you do get what you pay for....  

I used the Prodovite for several days, and then realized that a wisdom tooth issue, which had been bothering me for quite awhile, was no longer hurting me after eating, whereas before, food would be caught between gum and tooth and really irritate until I brushed and flossed, and sometimes pain persisted even then; yet without having done anything else different (other than taking Prodovite), the discomfort and inflammation was no longer present. I knew that a trip to the dentist likely meant having the tooth pulled, and since I prefer to keep all my teeth as long as possible, I had kept putting off that visit!  I am glad I did, and that the Prodovite formula made a beneficial change in my mouth which allowed the problem to heal on its own.  

Over the next week or so, I also noticed that when I worked out (30 minutes/day of varied exercising); I had more stamina and felt faster recovery.  I knew that the Prodovite formula was truly facilitating good things to happen in my mouth, and also throughout my whole body.  

Additionally, I shared the Prodovite with my teenage daughter, who was coming down with a nasty cold sickness going around, and she was over that very quickly, no OTC drugs, or doctor visit either (thank goodness!), and I have not gotten it myself, though I have been around her a lot, even in long car rides...

I really credit Prodovite with supporting my immune system and providing incredible 

Nutrition I Can to share it with others and be a Beacon of Health and Abundance! 

Jennifer Meador