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Welcome to our Victory Team!

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My name is Gina Bender and I am part of your Victory Upline Support Team!


I have created a few short videos that can help 'shorten your learning curve." These videos can teach you how to share (not sell) the Victory message and in turn, you will be blessing others with better health and perhaps an opportunity to earn thank you checks! 

Victory Nutrition rewards YOU for sharing. Have your loved ones watch the 4 short videos at www.VNIWebinar.com or www.WhyVNI.com You can earn "Thank You" checks for sharing these awesome supplements with others! 

When you register a new Partner that orders $130.00 in product or more, Victory will send you a "Thank You" check for 30% of their actual wholesale order! These "Thank You" checks can help supplement the cost of your products. You willl also earn a "thank you" check if you share with someone who becomes a Preferred Customer. If they order one or more supplements, you will earn 30% on their first product order.

Victory Nutrition is about "helping people to become beacons of health, hope, and abundance." That includes YOU!

Helping you get from Point A to B on "YOUR PATHWAY TO SUCCESS!"


Gina Bender
Envoy - Victory Nutrition International
(336) 918-7593

Product Review with Bill Downs

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Do you want to share the Victory product line with others and don't know quite how to do this effectively? Watch this short video and let Bill do the presentation for you! Whether you are sitting with a friend over a cup of coffee or presenting to a doctor, Bill Downs does an excellent job of sharing the benefits of each of the Victory Nutrition supplement product line.

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Become part of the VNI MAP Pool

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The MAP ('Monthly Auto-ship Program or Monthly Subscription') Pool is comprised of 1% of the global commissionable volume of VNI. VNI Partners that qualify will receive one or more shares in this Pool that will be divided between the numbers of issued shares. No share will pay more than $50,000 per month. New Partners will have 90 days from the 1st of the month following the month they enrolled to participate in the MAP Pool. As a new Representative, you must have a monthly product subscription (formerly “Auto-ship”) for $130 PV or more and have a minimum of Five (5) Personally Sponsored Partners who each have a monthly product subscription with a minimum qualifying order of $130 PV. This earns the sponsor Rep one (1) share in the MAP Pool. Ten (10) personally enrolled Partners qualifies the Sponsor for TWO (2) shares. Fifteen (15) personally enrolled Partners  qualifies the Sponsor for THREE (3) shares and so forth.

How to Share the Victory Product with Others

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Sharing the Victory Nutrition proeducts with others can be fun and exciting! You want to keep it simple and teach your team to keep it simple. You do not want to "dump the whole load" on them so to speak. Learn to use the tools and ask your sponsor or one of your upline team partners to help yo do 3-way calls. Do not try to reinvent the wheel. Learn from others who are successful. Treating your business like a business can be profitable and very rewarding!